abstract artwork to create a world of my imagination


A few years ago, I discovered that I live very close to a wonderfully fantastical world of my imagination. It’s just beyond the edge of the woods, a slight bend to the left, then a little to the right, and no where near the deepest, dark depths of the woods. It’s a place of life and laughter and vivd colors. Many unique creatures inhabit this area of the woods and slowly, one by one, through my artwork I am meeting them & getting a glimpse into their world. 

About Me



Originally trained in the photographic arts, I could not wait to get my hands into paint. To experience the immediate response between colors and lines on the canvas was something I couldn’t get in the darkroom. Although I have taken many detours from the arts, including obtaining a degree in Marine Biology and the raising of 4 children, I never strayed too far from my desire to create.



I do not start my pieces with a preconceived idea or image. My work incorporates layer upon layer of acrylic paint, pencil, oil pastel, and ink. Constantly turning the image as I go, I let the piece tell me what it needs next & wait to see who or what emerges. Just as one might find shapes in the clouds, I find images in the colors, lines, & shapes of my paintings. Each layer works to build and add to the story behind each image.



As a child I spent as much time as possible in the world of my imagination. Whether it involved gnome holiday decorations, a stapler & a box of paper, or making up games with my friends, I was all in. I am forever influenced by children’s artwork as well as the freedom they have as they create. Nothing inspires me more than going on a flight of imagination with my children to places previously unknown to us.