My feet have been busy…

My feet have been very busy these days…
In February I flew out to San Jose for An Artful Journey
where I took a class with Katie Kendrick (still swooning!)
 and created alongside some amazing women.
I walked amongst the redwoods
in total awe of their beauty
and all of the magical things that grew around them.
While under the special care of Katie
I created this
and this.
Of course, I couldn’t fly all the way out to San Jose
and not spend a few days in the area.
So my sister-in-law, and usual post-retreat traveller,
met me in San Fransisco where we
had congee for breakfast
saw Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge
hit, what seemed like, every store in Chinatown
and saw some street poetry.
When I got back home
it was Spring Breakfor my kids.
So we headed to the beach for a few days
of sand play, shell collecting and fishing,
and then threw in a little SXSW fun
to round out the break.
Last week we headed to the river
for Easter weekend.
I kayaked for the first time.
My daughter dubbed our kayak
‘Boat Optimism’
because there was no badmouthing the paddlers
and we knew we would get there eventually.
It’s good to have my feet planted back home for awhile.
Since coming back home from AAJ
 I’ve been working on a few things.
I have committed to participating in the WEST Austin Studio Tour at the end of the month.
I’m feeling LOTS of anxiety about this,
but also excitement.
It’s a new step.
A big step.
I’m trying to just keep creating.
Some things I like.
Some things I don’t.
But all along the way, I’m trying the most to just listen.
And when I start to question the voice inside
I hear Katie saying “I just like this” or
“I just want to put this paper here/or paint this face this way. And I don’t know why.”
For that alone, I can’t thank you enough Katie.
Katie and Orly creating at AAJ

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