small step #1

may 2015 be filled with sparkles


Each new year brings new choices, new dreams, new expectations, new possibilities and new steps to be taken to meet each of these.

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post. Many things have happened since then. This website, for one. New friends and connections have been made and I have been tested in many ways – some exciting and some I would not wish on anyone.

Through everything, I have learned strength, acceptance, how much I love life and those around me and a whole load of letting go along with asking for help and guidance. I have started many things here and left many things to be continued (and discontinued) here.

But this I know for sure…

I think in words. all of the time. words I want to share.

words i want to share in hope that they will help others.

that they will help me.

2015 left me with a lot of exciting things in the making.

So. it is with this that I am attempting to focus on one thing, one small step, each week of this month and to share them here.

This week, my small step #1 was…accepting that I am not altogether. Accepting that even though I don’t have a plan, things will work out.

I was going to say that my step was getting organized or something magical like that. Something super new yearsy. But the truth is, I do a lot of flying by the seat of my pants around here. and it works.

Yes, I am trying to take steps to reach that magical realm of organization, but for now, I remain human.

Happy New Year.






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