small step #2

With the kids being back in school, it being a new year, and the opportunities that 2014 left me in the middle of, this week was filled with lots of small steps. The one thing that kind of directed them all was my creating, and using, a dailies list. I used a printout from The Accidental Creative, customized it with activities that I want to bring into my daily life and now I have a reminder (and tracker) of habits that I want to create.

The first thing I did was to think about what I want this list, and the items on it, to mean to me. One thing I was very clear on, I do not want to become a slave to this list (been there, done that. And that’s why I’m not still doing whatever it was on whatever that list was). So I made sure that each item on the list is an activity that I want to do (like paint, journal, connect with my kids and husband) or that I feel will help me reach certain goals (like exercise, 1 business directed activity, drawing/doodling).

What I’m learning is how to prioritize my day so that I can get everything on my list done. I can listen to an inspirational podcast while in the shower or look at pinterest while I eat lunch. I am also flexible in my definition of the items. Bookkeeping can be filling in the wall calendar for the month or putting the bills in the mail (no Quicken involved there). I also have an ongoing list of things I need to do business-wise, eliminating the need to come up with one every day.

Even though I have a voice in the back of my head reminding me that it’s just the first week, I’m feeling really enthusiastic about my dailies list. As I look back over a week filled with progress and memories of doodling at the table while my son worked on his homework, walking home with my littles so that we could talk, and filing for my EIN while my daughter was getting her hair colored red, I’m feeling pretty grateful.





  1. Love this Janna. I start each day with a list of three MIT…most important things. Then, if I get just those three done, I pat myself on the back! Life can derail me from much more than that, and that’s OK.

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