adventures in small steps…

Ok. This should be small step #4, but…well, I was out if town for small step #4. In southern Oregon with friends, where we were without wifi for a whole week. When your phone data is quickly getting eaten up, it’s amazing how you begin to prioritize what you use your phone for. Mine lost most of it’s computer qualities and reverted to just being a phone.
Once I got over the shock, not having wifi became a blessing. Instead of feeling the pull to check Instagram and my email, I remained present to…

the collecting


the creating



the daily view from my  seat


the community



and the beauty everywhere around us




As soon as I got home I jumped into a mix of art journal party hosting, samba & soccering, along with the usual dinner cooking & homework helping. Life was to continue on at it’s usual fast pace no matter how much I wanted it to slow down for me to catch my breath and ease into things. All the while, I kept trying to grasp onto one small step that I was taking so that I could share it here.

Then I heard an interview with a scientist talking about how humans have harnessed energy over the years-since discovering fire, when I realized that

Life is a constant amassing of small steps.



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